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Pocket Commodore plus/4
Saturday, 04 November 2006
Pocket Commodore plus/4 is a commercial emulator for the PocketPC platform.

Pocket C+4 has a very good speed and compatibility. It also supports today's most advanced VGA devices in their native 480x640 resolution. 

Here's a list of features:

  •  Full 7501 (CPU) emulation:
  • all documented & undocumented opcodes,
  • 100% correct decimal mode,
  • instruction/cycle exact emulation.
  • Video/Sound (TED) emulation:
  • very fast Line-based emulation,
  • all display modes,
  • open and expanded borders,
  • DMA cycles, some FLI modes, FLD effects
  • Timer and raster interrupts,
  • raster line exact hardware cursor & flash
  • 2 channel sound supporting digi
  • Full ROM banking, support for the built-in C+4 programs
  • Full joystick and keyboard emulation
  • DOS-based 1551 drive emulation
  • Support for .prg, .p00 and cartridges
  • Support for true VGA resolution
  • Redefinable d-pad
  • Sticky keyboard option
  • Expanded full screen modes for optimal display usage.
  • Support for native and software landscape modes
  • Full menus and keyboard controls in landscape mode.
  • Full save/load emulator state support
  • External keyboard support

For more information head on over to the official page here .

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