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Here are all the files available for download. 
My emulators for Windows (usually 32-bit unless noted otherwise):
Older, separate 64-bit only Windows builds (Vista/Win7/Win8, probably XP, too):
Files for 32-bit GNU/Linux (x86), probably broken by now:
Source code:
  • My multiplatform Commodore music format player tedplay using SDL and WTL
  • YapeSDL_0.36.2, a spinoff with some backported code of an older Windows version of my Commodore 264 family emulator Yape to the SDL2 library, compiles on most systems with the development library of SDL2 installed. Most recent source is hosted at Codeplex.
  • wavconv, a PCM-to-PWM converter that converts between (non-standard) mono 1-bit and 8/16-bit audio WAV formats. The 1-bit WAV format is used by some emulators for extremely size efficient native tape emulation
  • cgc2wav, a Colour Genie high level tape image (CGC) file converter that helps you transfer programs to an actual cassette which can then be read on a real machine
  • emuwav (unfinished, last touched on 20090922), a "multiplatform" tape converter that converts among various high (byte) and low (bit) level emulator tape formats
  • disasm (unfinished, last touched on 20140309), an "intelligent" 65xx family (6502, 6510, 7501, 8501, 8502) disassembler able to produce a multitude of assembly syntax formats (plain TEDMON, DASM, TASM, AS65)
  • A new .NET based Commodore plus/4 IDE, aptly called plus4ide (unfinished) using the old SharpDevelop 3.x editor component with syntax highlighting, unlimited undo etc. and able to use several different 6502 cross assemblers (ACME, DASM, TASM, SNASM, AS65, TASS64 and WLA6510). Developers wanted!
Check out my YapeSDL  emulator compiled to javascript, running in a browser (Chrome or Firefox recommended) here.