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WinTVC is my Videoton TV Computer (TVC) emulator for Windows. The TVC is very similar to the Enterprise 128.


The Videoton TV Computer (or simply: TVC) was a popular Hungarian 8-bit micromputer, very similar to the Enterprise-128. It had been licensed from the same company that had developped the Enterprise and later modified my the engineers of the Videoton Electronics, a Hungarian company.

The emulator has good compatibility and the following features:

  • full, cycle exact Z80 CPU emulation with undocument opcodes
  • almost full Motorola CRTC 6845 emulation
  • single channel sound emulation
  • WD1793 controller and disk drive emulation
  • tape emulation via WAV files
  • cartridge support
  • full joystick and keyboard emulation, with support for symbolic keymapping
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