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New Genie releases
Tuesday, 10 October 2017

After a long while new updates for my Genie emulators! Common changes:

  • adjust tape head (compare level)
  • adjustable RAM powerup pattern
  • save sound to WAV
  • save screen memory to text file (.V80) along with screenshots
  • more command line options (/b, /s, /t, /v) 

On top of this, the VideoGenie (HT1080Z) emulator is finally able to load tapes in WAV format. Enjoy!

WinTVC 1.1.0 out
Wednesday, 01 February 2017

After more than 2 years of rest, WinTVC has been updated again. The CRTC emulation accuracy has been further increased along with other  improvements and bugfixes:


  • implemented most featured of the pixel based CRTC 6845 emulation engine
  • FILE I/O MOPS ROM support to load CAS files from BASIC
  • WaveMapper sound driver replaced with a DirectSound one
  • save emulator window screenshot into 32-bit BMP
  • saving to AVI és WAV improved
  • line based emulation phased out
  • removed statically linked DDRAW.DLL


HT1080Z 1.6.6
Friday, 27 November 2015
New crashfixed release of my EACA VideoGenie emulator called HT1080Z. Find it on the download page as usual.
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