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HT1080Z 1.6.6
Friday, 27 November 2015
New crashfixed release of my EACA VideoGenie emulator called HT1080Z. Find it on the download page as usual.
New SDL version of YAPE
Sunday, 31 May 2015
Just released the new source package of the SDL2 port of my Commodore 264 family emulator YAPE. Version 0.36.2 has some improvements over 0.36.1 which itself was released silently a few weeks ago. This version is multiplatform and compiles under at least Ubuntu Linux and Windows but maybe further unices and Android as well.
Multiple emulator updates
Friday, 06 February 2015

Hereby a bundled mega-update for my Z80-based microcomputer emulators. Both the 32 as well as the 64-bit versions are updated and can be found within the same ZIP package.

Common changes:

  • improved sound replay
  • improved trap handling
  • status bar in all emulators
  • optional DirectSound driver in some versions

The Homelab 1.2 emulator is a replacement for the HoLa! emulator which is discontinued and is now rather built upon the same codebase as the rest of the Z80 based emulators. Changes are therefore shown against the version put on hold back in 2014 and some of them were available in HoLa! already:

  • Brailab and MEA8000 speech emulation
  • Homelab 3.1 model added
  • simple printer emulation
  • memory configurations
  • fullscreen mode
  • symbolic keymap option
  • save settings on exit

Ultimo 1.5.2, my Microkey Primo emulator:

  • improved vblank timing
  • GUI fixes
  • WD1793 emulation and CP/M ROM configuration (currently deemed non-working due to lack of a proper boot disk)

Finally, Genieous 1.0.3 and HT1080Z 1.6.4, my two EACA Genie emulators:

  • vblank improvements
  • various minor fixes
Check out the Download page for the binaries. Enjoy!
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